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My existence needs no justification, else I would not exist. Any possible justification for my existence is already in place, and thus doesn't concern me.

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My contribution to the hype.

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When you and your homies all get online around the same time.

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Killing is the mercy you grant your victim at the end; you don’t just skip straight to it. You want to make them suffer; to look into their eyes and to see the fear, the complete terror in their knowledge that they are completely at your mercy and, what do you know, you’re fresh out of mercy today. It’s the power trip you indulge in, the knowledge that you are in control of another being’s life and you can inflict misery at your leisure. Everyone dies eventually; killing them just makes it happen sooner. But to torment them, to listen to their screams, to drag their pain out for minutes, hours, or even days, to break their minds and their bodies, that makes it worth it.





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