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My existence needs no justification, else I would not exist. Any possible justification for my existence is already in place, and thus doesn't concern me.

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>Be 2024
>I go outside for the first time years
>The fappening changed everything
>JLaws nudes sparked a revolution
>Every conflict in the world abruptly ended as everyone was too busy fapping
>As I walk down the overgrown street, I see what appears to be Zoe Quinn
>She sits on the side of the curb dying
>”C-cum c-c-cum I-I need cum” she says in a pathetic voice
>Much of her kind died out after the fappening
>With no cum to nourish them, sluts began starve out
>SJWs began to crumble into dust as everyone was too busy fapping to give them attention
>As I walk further on down, I see others
>I notice that there a very few children amongst them
>JLaws nude made actual sex obsolete
>An entire generation was never born
>The world population has dropped significantly
>Overcrowding is no longer an issue
>Bill Nye comes out with his cock in hand and declares that global warming has ended
>The sea levels recede
>With no more government, we can start over
>A new constitution is drafted. No more tyranny
>Due to everyone fapping, we all forgot about Ebola
>It seems that the population of Africa has been completely obliterated
>Nothing of value was lost
>The world is finally ready to move one
>Thank you based leaker
>it was his privilege

Whoever leaked the jennifer lawrence pictures should be the first one to die from too many high fives.


holding in a fart all day and finally getting home


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[x] “One does not simply dancey dance into Mordor”


this is the 3rd time i’ve reblogged this and I am still laughing hystarically

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Shaolin Monks in training!

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